Quality Policy

“We, at the KISMEC, are committed to deliver our duties in a quality culture environment where its utmost con-cern is for meeting and exceeding the needs of our customers. We shall strive to excel to the best of our capabilities within our scope of services at all times especially in the followings:

Provision of effective conduct of technical and management training programmed.
Provision of competence trainers, tutors, technical and personnel.
Provision of conducive technical and management training infrastructures and environment.

We shall be guided at all times by this quality policy and use it as a basis for its future endeavors and continual improvement, and shall be reviewed for suitability as and when deemed necessary”

Quality Objective



To achieve above 80% of customer satisfactions on each batch of intake.

Training Department


To implement, follow and comply training mod-ule with certification body requirement.

Training Department
Corporate Affairs


To achieve and maintain above 80% of Training Facilities to ensure customer satisfactions.

Training Department
HR & Admin Department
(Property Management)
It Infra


To provide with minimum 16 hours of training to all staff in a year for their skill and knowledge improvement.

HR & Admin Department


To provide effective Student Support Services with at least 80% problem solved.

HR & Admin Department
(Student Affair)


To achieve and maintain 7 working days of payable and receivable process.

Finance Department


To maintain less than 50 NCR received during the internal audit in KISMEC.

Quality Assurance Department

KISMEC ISO 9001:2015 Quality Objective – Revision 2