Message From Executive Director

Assalamualaikum wbt. and Salam Sejahtera

Warm Greetings from KISMEC

2018 has been a record breaking year for Malaysia.  We at KISMEC would like to congratulate the new Malaysian Government for such a historical victory.

Success and victory demand great strategic efforts.   It is always hard earned through perseverance, positive attitude and willingness to strive and struggle. Transformation, strength and growth will follow suit.

That is our belief.  We have embarked on new initiatives for the past two years and are very grateful that many have produced significant results.  Our Kulim Campus or what we named as K2 is fully operational and we have started collaboration with Bosch and Festo whereby we hope by the end of the year K2 will be a Certified Automation Training Centre.  This will fortify our capability in Industry 4.0 relevant training.

Moving forward and upwards, we know there will be challenges that we need to face.  Our achievements will be dependent of the collective effort of every individual:  our staff, our partners, the supporting industries, collaborating Higher Learning Institutions and government agencies.  Our sincere gratitude to all that have contributed thus far.  Your commitment is greatly anticipated and highly appreciated.

Together we will become Better and Stronger especially towards developing a dynamic skilled talent pool for the nation.En. Mohd. Yusuri Yusof

KISMEC Executive Director