Message From Executive Director

Assalamualaikum wbt. and Salam Sejahtera

Warm Greetings from KISMEC


It is said that the hardest battles are for the strongest soldiers. 2018 has been a year of struggles with battle wounds and scars to proof.  It was a year of historical record-breaking for Malaysia and a year of adapting to new challenges for KISMEC in terms of funding and student recruitment.

However, we strove on, counting all the blessings bestowed upon our sincere efforts.  Our new campus in Kulim Hi-Tech Park (K2) was launched in August last year.  As planned, it is now an Approved Training Center for:

  • Bosch Industry 4.0
  • Festo Pneumatics and Mechatronics
  • Siemens Innovation and Resources Training Centre
  • Malaysian Meister in Mechatronic Program

We believe the hurdles faced in 2018 are mostly behind us.  2019 shall be a year to fully capitalize on our investment in equipment and talent development.

What do we have in store for 2019?

Along with our new strategic partners, SIRIM, MIMOS, and Cyber Security, we intend to deliver the required knowledge and skills to assist industries to have the right manpower to implement Industry 4.0 in its operations.

Aside from our Industry 4.0 programs, the Malaysian Meister in Mechatronics will start in the third quarter of 2019.  We are also in talks with universities to run Twinning Diploma and Degree programs at K2.

Trust has been given to KISMEC by the State Government to coordinate Skills Exhibition Roadshow throughout Kedah.  Dates and venues shall be updated soon.  We hope this will assist in outreaching youths to enroll in TVET institutions in Kedah.

We understand that without struggle there will be no growth and success only comes through continuous effort.  May we have the perseverance for all the battles ahead and may the year 2019 brings prosperity to all.

En. Mohd. Yusuri Yusof

KISMEC Executive Director